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Vocal Coach
Music Director

Studio: Upper East Side
Performance Singing Class: Midtown West
New York, NY

(pop quiz: Are you singing John Kander music or Leonard Bernstein music right now?)
“I have worked with Erica Kaplan in many facets over the past 6 years.  Not only is she a consummate professional, but she is a genuinely nice person.  To find someone who can play piano perfectly, is a great audition coach (she helped me book my first big National Tour of Spelling Bee), wonderful audition accompanist and an overall warm person is rare!  I love working with Erica because she will not baby you and tell you everything is great if it’s not, she will push you to be the best.  That’s what it takes in this business and you need a real pro, like Erica, to help you realize your full potential.  She is the best!!”
–Eric Petersen
  Shrek in Shrek the Musical and Dewey Finn, School of Rock
  Broadway and National Tour

“Erica is a fantastic audition accompanist!
“She helps the folks behind the table get what they need to hear from the performers, and helps the performers deliver their best performances.
“She's a skilled, smart, no-drama audition pianist, and she’s a pleasure to have in the room."
–Barbara Pasternack
  Artistic Director

“Erica Kaplan is the kind of audition accompanist producers, directors and music directors want: friendly, talented, intuitive, always ready with help and advice which allow performers to give their best at every audition.”
–G. Wayne Hoffman
  Director, casting director, acting teacher

“Erica is by far one of the most giving accompanists in the city.  Her sight reading skills are fantastic, she is caring to the actors who come into the room and really tries to be there for any creative team.  I hands down recommend her to anyone and I dare you to find someone nicer or more creative.”
–Robin Carus
  Casting Director
  New York, NY

“Erica Kaplan is one of the best Musical Directors that I’ve worked with.  She comes into rehearsals with a deep knowledge of the score, and her technique in coaxing the best out of the cast is impeccable.  I would hire her again in a heartbeat.”
–Rob Barron
  Artistic Director
  Two Beans Productions

(212) 831-2161
[email protected]