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New York, New York

A vocal coach with 30+ years' experience
♪ Audition Preparation
♪ Song Interpretation
♪ Music Selection

Musical Theater

With my vast library and my extensive knowledge of musical theater,
I can find songs that fit you and your voice and that no one else sings.  I play a lot of auditions and have been a regular accompanist for Theatreworks/USA, Florida Studio Theatre, Allenberry Playhouse, and other theater companies, enabling me to hear what's said when the actor leaves the room.

I frequently appear at clubs, restaurants, and theaters in and around the city.  Recently music director and accompanist for Literally Alive, children's theater subsidiary of Victory Theatrical, I am listed in Who's Who in Entertainment and Who's Who of American Women.  I also work with Broadway performers through Broadway Classroom, which offers workshops for children and adults from all over the world.

An important and unique adjunct of my work, for actors and dancers who are terrified of their singing auditions, is my class PERFORMANCE SINGING, which will begin its twenty-first year in the fall.  The class provides a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere in which students can gain confidence and learn the skills needed to get up in front of an audience and sing without fear. 
The price?  A still pretty incredible $160 for eight two-hour classes per term.  E-mail for more information or to be on my mailing list.

I am always accepting new students.  I meet each student on whatever level he or she brings to the session.  Anyone can benefit from even one hour, and many come just once, to learn a song, get music recorded (my tape recorder or your technology), or brush up before an audition.  Others study weekly or bi-weekly to hone skills and steadily improve their craft.

$50/hour—$30/half hour
Upper East Side

(212) 831-2161
[email protected]